Custom Rifle Specifications

  • Warrior Mountain Lite® Chambered in Lazzeroni® 7.82/.308 Warbird®, 26 Barrel, 1 in 12 Twist This medium weight rifle is made from 416 stainless steel, has an M16 extractor and a helical cut bolt. Standard features include a 26 stainless steel button rifled barrel with a #4 medium contour, six flutes, and a removeable muzzle break.
  • Raptor Mountain Lite® 270 Win. 24 Barrel, 1 in 10 Twist
  • Predator Mountain Lite® 220 Swift 24 Barrel, 1 in 12 Twist
  • Stealth Mountain Lite® 300 Win. Mag. 26 Barrel, 1 in 10 Twist
  • Stalker Mountain Lite® 7mm Rem. Mag. 26 Barrel, 1 in 9 Twist
Long Action Caliber
  • Black - Carbon Kevlar Stock: 6 lbs 14 oz
  • High Grade wood xx or xxx Walnut
  • Standard Features 416 SS. Bead Blasted

UA Arms Armor coated (ceramic)
barrel and action.

All UA Arms Mountain Lite® rifles are built with Warrior actions. Action and barrel are made of 416R stainless steel.  Barrel is button rifled, with a #3 or #4 medium contour and six flutes. All rifles include a removeable muzzle brake. All actions are drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

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See services page for available custom features.

® Warbird is a registered trademark of Lazzeroni® Inc.
® Raptor Mountain Lite, Predator Mountain Lite, Stealth Mountain Lite, and Stalker Mountain Lite are registered trademarks of UA Arms