New Lightweight 1911 Pistol - Explosively Bonded Metals

Photo of IA Military Spec Uselton Arms 1911 with IA logo and text
The Next Big Boom in the gun industry is here!

New! Integrated Aluminum 1911 Handgun Information 

The UA Arms Integrated Aluminum 1911 composite metal pistol bodies are up to 40% to 60% lighter than all steel alternatives, but offer the same high levels of durability this weapon is famous for. 

Uselton 1911 pistol Stainless Steel Rail, Explosive Weld Line, Aluminum or Titanium Body

The UA Arms Integrated Aluminum 1911 is the FIRST firearm to utilize EXPLOSIVE BONDED METALS. 

  • Titanium or aluminum bodies reduces weight. 

  • High-wear from rail components built with durable stainless steel. 

  • A single weapon body made from two different metals joined at the molecular level. 

  • Unique materials precision manufacturing to exacting standards. 

  • The 304 stainless steel rail, fused to the aluminum material will give ball bearing smoothness.


Lightweight Durability for The UA Arms Integrated Aluminum Model 1911

The UA Arms (IA) Integrated Aluminum Model 1911 continues to be a favorite among the law enforcement organizations and firearm enthusiasts throught the world. 

While there have been minor enhancements to the Model 1911 over the years, it's basic composition has remained unchanged. It's durability came at a price: weight. Given this weapon's popularity among the law enforcement and concealed carry permit holders, a significant reduction in weight could make The UA Arms IA Model 1911 an even more practical and viable sidearm solution. 

Uselton 1911 is lightweight, strong and durable. Explosively bonded metals.The Explosively Bonded Metal Solution

The UA Arms Integrated Aluminum 1911 offers the SOLUTION for a lightweight carry weapon without sacrificing the durability of an all stainless steel frame. This company has been using explosive metal welding techniques to produce materials that allow engineers to combine different metal types in a single metal work piece, thereby leveraging the qualities of one type of metal (lightweight, thermal conductivity, etc.) with the qualities of another type of metal (strength, corrosive, resistance, etc.) The explosive welding techniques bonds metals at the molecular level resulting in a virtually unbreakable weld joint. This process is currently used to produce custom composite metal components for a variety of commercial uses including: space and naval applications, power plants, and within the chemical manufacturing industry. Now, with "UA Arms IA 5.0, IA 4.25, & IA 3.5 that same technology is being introduced to the firearms industry with these new composite metal Model 1911 bodies, which are 40% to 60% lighter than steel alternatives, without sacrificing durability in high wear areas. While UA Arms is initially targeting 1911's with this technology, it is certainly applicable to other firearms that are of a similar design. 

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